Monday, June 7, 2010




The one & only bid we received to texture from the chair rail (you can see where I removed it - now I wish I would have left it & painted it) down was $261. We rented the machine, purchased the drywall & did it ourselves for $71. It was easy peasy which is so great to know, as most of our house needs texturing because most rooms have wallpaper. Now I know there is no need to hire a professional. :)

I'm a little agitated with myself because once I began spraying the texture, I was abruptly reminded that I forgot to complete prepping the room. There are a few areas I needed to mud to level/smooth out & I forgot. Ugh. Too late! We rented the machine for 4 hours, so there was no time for me to stop & do it. I will go back & do those areas soon, & manually 'orange peel' (you can purchase spray texture in a can for small areas & it works great) the areas before moving on to the next step.

This has been just one of the many (!!) home improvement chores that has been pending for entirely too long. It is such a relief that it was relatively simple & completely affordable, but most importantly, it's done!

Now the really hard part - what colors/designs does Jaguar and/or I want to paint? Fun stuff. Ü

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