Thursday, June 10, 2010

Pocket Full of Sunshine.

You & I? We've never met. You girls really have no idea what I'm like 'in person'. All you get is what I type on my blog, which unfortunately, at isolated times, can be totally misconstrued via the internet. I think I do pretty well conveying myself, but sometimes, things just come out wrong. So.

When I viewed this video, courtesy of Kelle Hampton's blog, oh holy pickles, this is about as close as it can get. Cracks me up. Want to know what I'm really like? Want to know the stupid stuff I do & how I love to do it? Honestly? This could be me in the video. Albeit, I'm just a tad older. I said tad, not quite. Teehee. :)

Nothing about me would I change. Well, maybe my temper when I get niffed, but that's a work in progress. I do claim to be a hothead, which I inherited from my father. Sigh. But. Other than that? I am a complete goofer. I dance all the time. Blare the radio. Sing. Laugh. Make jokes. Stupid rhymes. Tease my kids. (Admit to) Perform & vocalize dumb things. I'm happy happy. When other mothers aren't hurting my feelings. Ha! Borderline dork. I'm just me. I'm thankful for being me. I'm thankful for being quirky. Because if I was any other way, my life, our life, would be way more boring. And boring bites.

My mom is currently hooked on singing cards. The one I just received for my birthday? A tiny hampster (or some cute creature) singing: Have a dee-da-dee-da-doe-doe day! Cracks me up. The singing cards are a tad expensive, but sometimes, you can't put a price on a smile. Ü

I wonder how many times you're going to watch the above video? I betcha way more than once. You go girl. :)

(♥ the dog.)


GraceesMommy said...

i saw this on kelle's site and thought it was hoot. i wish someone would have gotten a hampster card for gracee, instead..alas..they got her hannah montana (who annoys me in the first place), which i have been listening to it over and over since december! oh my.

Kriss said...

Now that song is stuck in my head...LOL!!!!! I opened it with my kids sitting next to me and now they are dancing around the house singing that song. Love it!-kriss

Family "Q" said...

That's TOTALLY ME! LOL instead of the dog it's Andrew though...I figure eh' he's so young he thinks it's hilarious when mommy jumps around and sings so he joins in...before too long he will be way too cool to dance with me so I will be the wierdo who dances by herself..

oh wait my husband does it too! LOL He claims to be Mr. Serious (You know the man you have to force to smile when u take pictures) but no...if it's the right song...he's like a teenage girl...his ringtone was Miley Cyrus's Party in the USA when it came out!!! LOL LOL LOL

Mommy Brain said...

I loved this clip too! I tried to explain it to the husband and he just looked at me with a blank stare...guess it's a girl thing.