Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Baby Jaguar.

I'm working on all of my photos & when I see these I get lost in the memories. Such a sweet, precious time. Such a sweet, precious baby. So hard to believe she's now a feisty, sassy almost 6 year old. Ü

The below photo was taken one day after bringing her home (Born 1.1.05. Introduced & home 1.5.05. Photo 1.6.05.). She was 5 days old here. They say newborns don't smile. Malarkey. She's looking right at me, smiling, while thanking God for bringing her into our family. But we are the lucky ones, & we still thank God for bringing her into our family. ♥
Below: 5.3.05.

Below: 5.23.05.

Big eyes & little hair. Ü She's just as adorable now as she was then. ♥

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Launa said...

oh my goodness... what a sweetheart!! Glad you're trying new uploading techniques just so we can see super cute pics of your kids as babies!