Monday, November 8, 2010

Fetching toys & redecorating blog.

Let me introduce you to our foyer.

Notice the light above & the plant ledge on the left. Toy. Magnets. Ü

A tiny zoom of the light fixture:

Um, yah. Some of those toys have been in there 5 years. And they will stay, because we don't have a ladder tall enough to reach. Suffice to say, that sucker's never been cleaned. Ain't gonna be, either. Teehee. ;o)

Below we have exhibit B. Feel free to lean whichever way you deem necessary, to view said photo, since it appears I was laying on my side when snapping the photo. What the heck? Was my face crooked that day? Good glory!

Hubby was able to retrieve some frisbees & toys off the ledge. Not likely to happen for another five years, though. Throw low little people, throw low. Ü

A few things I'm contemplating:

Redecorating my blog! When I post photos, I upload twice. Once to Photobucket, once to Blogger. I do this so I can have the larger photos. But. I created my own layout & I think now Blogger possibly has some new layouts that support large photos, without having to upload twice. So, I'm going to check those out. If those don't work I'll come up with something else. I hope. :)

I think I'm going to start a link party. Many bloggers hold link parties & I love them! I love being able to click on other blogs & read what they are about & view their photos. However, I don't think I'm going to have a particular subject (i.e. furniture restoration, tour of homes, crafts, Etsy, etc.). I'm leaning towards subject-free. Just a simple introduce yourself & your blog! Whatever may tickle your fancy.

Tomorrow we are up & gone bright & early - Bentley has his very 1st narration part in a Veteran's Day program! The video camera is charged, has a new tape ready to go & I'm so excited! Woot! Ü

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Bridget said...

Oh too funny! We have those same nerf darts everywhere at our house too...although you've got me beat-none have made it into a light fixture...yet... ;)