Thursday, November 25, 2010

It really is - me!

I frequently hear that I never post photos of me. And I don't. Truth be told, I have so much weight to lose, I can't stand looking at photos of me. Nonetheless, today I decided to have hubby shoot some of me so now at least, I have some. So this is me, today. Ü

Below: Serious. I am almost always smiling, & if I catch myself not smiling, then I smile. I don't need a reason. Ü Hubby may have been talking to me here & that's why I'm not smiling. Wait, that doesn't sound right. LOL ;o)

I do, I do have teeth! :)

I feel very awkward doing impromptu photo shoots, because I never know what to do with my hands. That's why I typically put them under my face.

Below: Someone decided to steal my thunder, thus ending photo shoot. Whew. Not only did Bray crack me up, but I think it's funny you can see my Seventh Generation cleaning products on my kitchen counter. Teehee. :)

Happy Thanksgiving! Ü


Melissa Miller said...

Melissa you are GORGEOUS!!!! We are alwys our own worst critics it seems. You look lovely and your hairstyle is precious too.

Happy Thanksgiving!
~Melissa :)

Launa said...

Beautiful pictures!!! Love the ones of you smiling! Oh, and great necklace!

Bridget said...

Totally LOVE these pictures of you!

Family "Q" said...

You are so pretty! I like the pictures a lot! We definately are our worst critics, I always delete pics from my camera when I'm in them, whether the baby looks great or not! LOL