Saturday, November 20, 2010

Goodwill goodies.

Had quite a productive day at Goodwill today. I was there 2 hours (teehee :) - browsing thru the clothes takes a while. Hubby told me today I need to back off the clothes some & buy our children new clothes. LOL I think he be correct. Ü

Because I am ridding 98% of the plastic in our kitchen & replacing with glass, I'm now on the lookout even more for white glass plates/dishes. I was hoping to find some everyday drinking glasses too - but the selection was piddly. I'll buy new ones. Here we go:

White rectangle plate/platter - $1.75

Round glass bowl (really loving clear glass!) - $2.00

Hot pink vase (Jag's room!) - $1.50

White vase which I love but chipped during washing (grr! That's the 2nd vase I've chipped! From now on I will lay a towel in the porcelain sink to prevent accidental chipping) - $2.00

Free standing chrome towel ring (perfect condition - I priced them online & they sell for approx. $15 & up) - $1.75

3 random Scholastic (♥ Scholastic!) books

15 stainless shirts - including VANS, Polo, Justice, Disney, Target

Total: $50
-$10 discount
Paid: $40 for everything!

Happy Goodwilling! Ü

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Kriss said...

My kids and I call Goodwill...Goodie Will, lol!!!