Thursday, June 16, 2011

In progress. Tutorial.

I have decided to sell the awesome desk I bought on Craig's List last year & I'm also going to be selling my black kitchen server (which I love, but black, Melissa?). I may sell a couch or two, too. I came to the conclusion I need to rid some of my items so I can buy more fun junk furniture! :)

My new 'white dish cabinet' is coming along swimmingly! (Heehee - I couldn't help myself.) I have no clue what I'm doing regarding refurbishing, (or heck, 'just fixing', even) furniture. So I do it my way.

Let me start out by saying the Linoleum nails did their job. I assumed, by their name, they were for, you know, linoleum. But maybe not, because I hammered the backing back on the back (say that 3 times fast) of the cabinet & those puppies worked great. I guess the moral of that story is = who cares.

My next order of business was to glue on the bottom left front of the cabinet, where it had come loose/separated:

My plan was to use Gorilla Glue. I don't have any Gorilla Glue (I've never even used it, just seen it on numerous decorating blogs) & considering it's 150 degrees right now in North Texas, I wasn't going to run out to purchase any. So I pulled out ol' faithful:

Never hurts to try, right? So I squirted generously my Elmer's in there & then I needed to very, very, very tightly, secure the pieces back together. I was going to use one of those sophisticated clamp dealys, but I don't have one of those, either. (See a pattern here?) So I made my own sophisticated clamp dealy:

Tada! It has been sitting in this position for almost 24 hours. In a bit, I'll remove my sophisticated clamp & see if Elmer's did it's job. I'm sure hoping it did. And then, the final step. At this point, I think most people (those who renovate furniture) would strip 'er down & refinish to make her all new & pretty. But me? Heavens no. I'm pulling out the big guns & skipping right over that stripping business. I'll be applying Old English. Ü

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Bridget said...

Girl, you crack me up! ;)