Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Goodwill goodies.

We hit two Goodwills today & one 'resale'. Did I mention in my last Goodwill post that I'm addicted? I am. :)

Goodwill one:

Flower photo (thought this might look cute in one of the girls' room) - $7.95
Jurassic Park video - $1.00
White creamer - $ .50
Seashells (to put in a clear vase) - $1.19
Aqua table runner (she considered it a 'scarf' so I got it cheaper) - $ .99
Perfect little white shirt - $2.99
Total w/ tax: $15.83
-$10 Goodwill stamps
Total: $5.83 Ü

Goodwill two:

4 books (2 perfect HP hardbacks!) - $ .75 each
Aqua vase - $2.25
Perfect Gymboree dress - $1.99
2 'West Elm' somethings - $4.50 each
Hoola hoop - $1.00
Total: $18


Mason jar - $ .50 (I am addicted to mason jars! I saw on a blog the other day a group of different size mason jars filled a bit with sand/rice/whatever & a lit candle in the middle of the jar. She used them outside on her patio, but I plan to do this & light them every night at dinner. My children will love it. It's the little things. :)

So here, below, are my West Elm finds! So pretty! West Elm! What are they? LOL

In other news - I finally bought some Gorilla Glue! Um, ew! I put way too much in the little split of my white dish cabinet & that darn glue expanded & blew out all the seams! Ha! I did the best I could & I'll sand off any exterior extra. It dried white, too! But it sure did work dandy. :)

When I was at the resale store today, they had the very same cabinet for sale! It was in much better condition than my banged around $17 one, but theirs didn't have a price. Mine has more...character. I hope to finish it up & get to using it this week! Ü

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