Monday, June 13, 2011

My new 'entertainment' cabinet.

Ain't she a beauty? Pardon the dirt, she's not cleaned yet. Ü

She's about 4 feet tall. She came with some issues, but who wouldn't that cost $17? At the store, I noticed the shelves are pretty scratched up, but I never noticed the back was taped on. I carefully peeled the tape off, as to not remove the laminent. The side is fine (the other side wasn't taped), but the top didn't weather so well. Anyway, now I need to hammer her back together.

And because I need to hammer her back together, hubby bought me these:

Linoleum nails? Alrighty then. I'll give them a shot. Definite proof we have no expertise in refurbishing furniture. ;o) The front left of the cabinet is also loose at the bottom - I'm going to attempt to reattach with Gorilla Glue. Wish me luck! Ü

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