Thursday, June 9, 2011

Goodwill goodies.

I have not been thrifting in quite some time & I totally miss it! I admit it has become a full-fledged addiction for me! Maybe it's the challenge - whatever it is - I love it!

Today was a little more difficult because I had 4 tiny people in tow. I am designed in such a manner that when I think & concentrate, I need complete peace & quiet. Silence. That wasn't really feasible today, but I think I had a successful trek anyway. :)

My biggest purchase was an 'entertainment cabinet' with a glass door - it was $34.50 but today was 50% off furniture! So I got that puppy for a whopping $17! Hubby worked really late tonight so we'll have to retrieve it tomorrow. I'll post a photo just as soon as I get it home & cleaned.

Here are the prices for what I did purchase:

Wood Entertainment Cabinet - $17 (will house all my white dishes)
White pitcher - $2.75 (still totally addicted to any/all white dishes)
2 clear bottles - $1.25 @ (still totally addicted to glass bottles - I have no clue why, but I need to stop buying them!)
Cute 'I Love Mom' coffee cup w/ matching lid (?) - $1.25
Brown 'leather' tray - no flaws - $5.95
Levi jeans - $4.00
Silky dragon shirt (yeehaw) - $2.99
Silver metal basket - $1.50 (to house colored, cute washcloths for bathroom decor)
Misc. books & lite brite - $3.00 or so
(I think I got overcharged a dollar or two today, so I need to pay more attention at check out!)

Total: $45

I think hubby is taking both boys to the office tomorrow, so the girls & I will be hitting another Goodwill! Woot! Ü


Melissa :) said...

Bridget said...

I haven't found my inner thrifter, but you make it look so fun! Great finds and good luck tomorrow!! :)

June 10, 2011 1:17 AM

DeeJay said...

Just checking in... fun GW finds!

Your 'I love Mom' mug is a tea mug; the lid allows tea to steep then doubles as a place to hold the teabag!

Your kids really seem to have hit a growth spurt -- I remember when I first found your blog last year, and they look so much bigger. Really gorgeous, happy children!