Tuesday, June 7, 2011


Our town has sunflowers everywhere! Since I'm channeling my inner Kelle Hampton & all (ahem), I decided to go cut some! Then I drove home with them hanging out the window 'cause they had bugs all in them. And did you know they sap when cut? They do. And the sap is like super glue. There's some on my leg that I cannot get off & when I got off the couch earlier, some of it came with me. ;o) Currently they're all wilted - pretty sure I killed them all. But aren't they pretty? And they were free! LOL Ü

*Here's an update on the Sunflowers. 'Cause my life is so exciting & I have nothing else to discuss. Ü The pretty, drooping flowers were placed out back, on our patio table, early last night. Bentley is suffering terribly from allergies right now (which I'm sure were enhanced by the Sunflowers) & they started bothering my husband as soon as he got home. I guess they carry pollen, so out they went. Quick. Heehee. :) My leg is still brown (color of my couch) because this sap crap will not come off. It's kind of funny, actually. I just hope it's not permanent. :) Since my good intentions were - epic fail - I do believe I'll purchase the pretty little flower bouquets at Walmart from here on out whenever I get an inkling for fresh flowers. :)

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Muliebrity said...

This post is so you! Love it!