Monday, February 27, 2012

Eyeliner on top lid only?

A big thanks to Whitney! She brought this makeup tip to my attention & I'm so glad she did!

I'm surprised I was unaware of this! I adore makeup & I try to stay on top of the recent styles & fads. I also stalk follow celebrities closely & I can't believe, if nothing else, I simply didn't notice how & where celebrities currently wear their eyeliner. I must be slippin' as I get just a teensy bit older. Ahem.

Here we have Exhibit A. The gorgeous Kim Kardashian modeling,
just for us, eyeliner applied to her top lid only. I love, love, love dramatic eyes & I think soft shadow with crisp, intense eyeliner is beautiful! ♥

I am more of an 'eyeliner' girl than a 'eyeshadow' girl. Typically, when I apply a full face of makeup, I wear eyeliner on both my upper & lower lids (& inside crease). Lately, I've just been wearing face powder; therefore, I've been wearing eyeliner on my bottom outter corners (forgot to mention that part to you Whit - I don't line my entire bottom lid) of my eyes, just for a little color, & none on the top.

Recently I mentioned eyelining my bottom lids only & Whitney recommended I wear it on my top lid, not my bottom. She guaranteed I'd look younger! Woot! Who doesn't want to look younger? So, I did some experimenting & - I love it! But I don't look any younger. She lied. And, I don't necessarily think it makes my eyes look bigger either, but I really like the final look! I especially like how soft the bottom lashes look with just mascara & no liner.

Exhibit B. Don't her bottom lashes look pretty? ♥

Give it a try - you might love it, too!

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Emily Art said...

I would love to learn how to use my eyeliner better. I see women with eyeliner on top and they look gorgeous. Even the ones with it on bottom. Me, I look like a hooker! Ugh. I just can't do my makeup, yet I see 16 yr old girls who look like pros did their makeup! :(