Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Grow up, Adele.

You know what? I've had enough of Adele.

Before Christmas, her music became so popular (here, anyway). I like some of her songs, so, ok. But good glory! It got so out of control. Literally, it's almost all I heard. Day & night. Soon Christmas music began playing & I was so relieved. Whew! I got a break from Adele. And then Christmas music subsided & guess what? Adele's music was back at it, in full swing! I've seriously contemplated switching (back) to country, just to get an Adele break!

Never having really ever paid her any mind, I watched her on the Grammy's a few weeks ago. She was cute enough, winning so many awards & beautifully singing Rolling in the Deep. I liked her. She seemed sweet enough & I loved her cute little accent. She appeared to be humble.

A few days after the Grammy's, she did an interview (on People.com, I think?). GROSS. Girl's got a foul, nasty mouth & she ain't afraid to use it! I was stunned & disgusted. Truth be told, my language can be quite colorful sometimes (I said sometimes). But I'm not her & I don't do what she does & I don't have millions of people admiring me. If there is one thing I cannot stand is a lady who does not portray, who does not carry herself, like a lady!

And now comes this - cute Adele, flipping the bird. Seriously? What is she, 15 years old? I don't give a crap if she was "angry" or not. That behavior is completely uncalled for & ridiculously unprofessional. Yuck.

Count me out, because I find her truly repulsive. Glad she's rich, but I'm afraid that won't buy her any respect. Really though, she doesn't deserve any. Her parents must be so proud & she should be SO embarrassed.

Grow the heck up & find some class, Adele. Because as of now - no matter how much red lipstick you apply - you are anything but a lady.

*Photo & article courtesy of People.com.

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Whitney said...

Lmao, agreeing to disagree ;)

I love her & her sassy attitude. Another two I like is Pink & Kelly Osborn. Could it be that I sound a lot like them.... Teehee don't tell. Our little secret K?