Wednesday, February 15, 2012

RoC Retinol Correxion Deep Wrinkle Moisturizer. Part II.

If you follow me on Twitter and/or Facebook, you know I've been concerned about what the Retinol in this product has done to my face. I.e. Certain areas are bright red (new skin?), other areas are peeling, my face is splotchy & SO dry. I know I started using this product on 2.3 & I think I used it for about a week, give or take, before I stopped using it. I switched back to my Physicians Formula in hopes of salvaging my skin.

Quite a few girls I've spoke with told me what I experienced with this product was normal. Retinol removes the old skin/wrinkles, allowing new skin to blossom. After a few weeks of using the product, supposedly the symptoms dissipate & one is left with healthy, new skin.

I did some research & I do believe that is accurate information (not that I at all doubted the information the girls relayed to me). As I've always heard, Retinol (Vitamin A) is the number one antidote, number one "wrinkle-fighting ingredient", for aging skin. After further research, I learned about Retinoid Dermatitis - a horrible, nasty reaction to Retinol. Thankfully, I most definitely did not develop that. Which leads me to believe my splotchy skin was/is normal. Even on the back of the tube it states to stop using the product if irritation "develops & lasts". I didn't use it long enough, I don't think, to know if the symptoms last long. Interesting enough, the tube also states to "apply generously". I think I really took that advice to heart. Ha! Pretty confident I was applying too much.

Evidently, my face feels like leather because Retinol is extremely drying. I'm not sure how to combat that - should I apply a different moisturizer on top of it (like Physicians Formula, which I love) or, should I use Physicians Formula during the day & use the RoC Deep Wrinkle Night Cream (or the Eye Cream) at night. I may have to do some more research to determine my answer. Also in question is exactly how much Retinol this Deep Wrinkle Moisturizer contains. The amount is not stated on the tube (which I read is a red flag - if the amount is not stated, then it probably doesn't contain enough). I read that a product needs to contain "0.2 - 0.6%" strength Retinol in order to be effective. That said, even though I don't know exactly how much it contains, I certainly know it's in there due to my symptoms.

All that said, today, because I am a glutton for punishment, I started using this product again. After all this, I really hope I see some positive results! I will say that out of all the reviews I read, all of them stated they saw noticeable improvements. And that is encouraging!

I may be approaching age 45, but I'm going kicking the entire way. Retinol, here I come. Again. Ü

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