Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Looking beautiful - advice from a friend.

Last week, while at the grocery store, one of my Facebook friends had this conversation with another customer. Thought it was noteworthy.

"I saw a woman last night at the grocery store. I could not tell her age but knew she was older than I and a grandmother because the 17 year old with her called her Nana. So I gathered the courage and asked her if she minded telling me her age. She told me she was 68. This woman looked younger than I. So I told her my delemia about some problem areas on my face and what was her secret. She told me LOTS of water (to drink a liter or more a day), LOTS of rest meaning at least 7 hours of sleep a night. Always use sunscreen when going in the sun. She also said she used the Olay line of products since she was 25. She was also a non/smoker which I am as well. Her last bit of advice was limit my worry and stress (good luck with that one) but overall the woman looked amazing. SO I used my Olay last night (nice feel to my skin after), I made it a point to GO TO BED at a decent time and I actually got 8 hours of sleep. I did my creams this morning before my make up. AND I have been drinking water all day. Well I have had 3 people already asked me what I was so happy about today because I just look refreshed. So I am going to make ME a priority in my life. I suggest all of us lovely women do!!!!"

Although I'm not currently using Olay products, I have for years & probably will again. I've always enjoyed their product(s) & price. Also, 1 liter of water = approximately 34 oz. Personally, I try to drink 2 liters per day = about 68 oz, give or take.

Once again, back to the basics. Looking & feeling beautiful does not have to be expensive or elaborate. And that, is a blessing! ♥

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