Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Jennifer McKinney, MckMama, fraud.

If you have yet to do so, I encourage you to read the following article regarding Jennifer McKinney (aka "MckMama) & her blatant perjury.

The article was professionally written by Tracy Coenen, a "forensic accountant and fraud examiner in Chicago and Milwaukee who investigates white collar crimes, including cases of financial statement fraud, embezzlement, tax fraud, and insurance fraud."

Tracy has written an accurate, detailed post exposing numerous truths that were intentionally & deceitfully withheld/omitted, by Jennifer McKinney herself, during the creditor's meeting.

You can find Tracy's article by clicking here.

You can listen to the meeting and/or read the transcript here.

It's infuriating, & basically a slap in the face, to those of us who willingly & proudly obey the law & pay our debts. All the while, Jennifer McKinney is $750K in debt, yet still parading around the US, staying in expensive hotels, eating at nice restaurants & visiting expensive theme parks. When is enough enough & when will she finally be stopped? At what length & at whose cost? Her last landlord, at "The Farm", surely suffered & was possibly her most recent victim. Absolutely unbelievable. Yet, completely true. That poor man. You can read further about "MckMama" on MWoP.

*Also included in the bankruptcy is her estranged husband, Israel McKinney, but he is not the owner of "" & he does not claim to be a "Public Figure", as she so recently advertised (that status was changed to "Personal Blog" at the time bankruptcy was filed - coincident?), therefore, I do not include him. In my opinion, after listening to the audio of the creditor's meeting, I feel as if she blindsided him & he was not included in or informed of a lot of her deceit. (which is now an informative site only). As of January, 2014, the new site is

Update! Jennifer McKinney was arrested & taken to jail on January 24, 2014! Read about it here, including a link to all details!

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Snookie said...

I wanted to read your blog post but find it much too difficult to read due to the colors you have chosen. One can hardly see the "here" for where to click to read Tracey's article.

I just thought you'd like to know that some readers will just turn away because of the difficulty.