Friday, April 20, 2012

Let's distract. With beautiful dresses!

Who doesn't like beautiful? Who doesn't like pink? Who doesn't like dresses? I know I do! Pink is absolutely my favorite color, with turquoise coming in a very close second.

I think the one below is my favorite. So delicate, soft & feminine. ♥

I don't care for stripes, but I would so wear this dress!

Though not pink, they are exquisite!

I could spend hours just browsing beautiful dresses (& heels!). It's sad to me that life only offers a few opportunities to wear such beautiful creations. Such amazing colors, styles & fabrics.

All images via Google.

*My apologies for last night's tantrum. Ahem. I promise you, I am one of the nicest people you'll ever meet. I would do anything for anyone, whether I knew them 2 hours or 20 years. That's just how I am. I love people. I love socializing. I love the internet. That said, when I feel liked I've been crossed, then I've had enough & I snap. And that's what happened last night. But all is good now. I'm rested & happy & not sick & at peace & joyful. Good things!

Alright, alright. That last (two, actually) sentence was plagiarized. Heehee.

Happy weekend!

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