Thursday, April 19, 2012

Important read for all 'MckMama' supporters.

To all MckMama fans reading here,

You see this picture at the bottom of this comment? This lady and her husband STOLE 4+ months of electricity, propane gas, and other utilities from unsuspecting innocent people, and it is proven in the audio documents of the Creditor's Meeting if you'd like to hear it from their own mouths. They have left the landlord hanging with 4+ months of unpaid bills for him to have to deal with.

They piled 4 months worth of garbage in a barn because they were too cheap to pay for trash removal, instead paying for things like getting the interior of a rental house painted because MckMama didn't like the colors, bought numerous goats and chickens, several pairs of Vibram Five Finger shoes, gym memberships, and other "wants".

This lady also listed on her original bankruptcy paperwork that she is spending $1500.oo a month on rent, but it was determined at this meeting her rent is only $5oo.oo.

She assured the trustee in the meeting she would NOT be spending money anymore on plane tickets and hotels, and a short 22 days later took off on a 2+ week vacation.....staying in many hotels.

She and her husband paid $12,000 cash for an RV and neglected to have it titled ( and insured), because they didn't want to technically own it to avoid paying taxes on it.

MckMama was "caught" lying about how many Paypal accounts she has...accounts she was obviously trying to hide from the bankruptcy court.

She gave away expensive furniture prior to filing so the BK court couldn't sell it off to help pay their debts.

This woman swore with her every being last year that "We are all caught up on our taxes." She said it was not true that they owe . But in fact they owe well over $100,000 dating back 5 years....5 years of unpaid taxes while she went on cruises, 3 trips to Africa, spent $600 a month on airline tickets and hotels, theme parks, 2 cross country RV trips, iPads, iphones, expensive vehicles, cameras, computers, designer clothes, expensive shoes, etc.

She has 2 home foreclosures to her name, and walked away from a third home that she was contracted to.

She was raking in over $200,000 a year and collecting gift cards simultaneously from "fans" who made far less. And she neglected to pay taxes on all that money too!

Jennifer and her husband were making a 6 figure income, but CHOSE NOT TO carry health insurance for their family, resulting in over $80,000 in medical bills that will be passed along to you and me.

Many many many many times, real life has contradicted what Mckmama has posted on her blog. Many untruths were uncovered. Just off the top of my head, Jennifer posted while living at the farmhouse that the kids watched the propane truck filling up the gas tank. It was proven during the Creditor's Meeting that the propane truck was never there the entire time the McKinney's lived there ( she used 4 months worth of the Landlord's propane without paying for it ). As well, she said, under oath, that she didn't start online photography classes until after she filed bankruptcy, when in fact she started them prior to filing...according to her own blog.

Oh my goodness I could keep going. But THIS is the woman you are staunchly supporting and giving a free pass.

Why is MckMama so happy? Because so many of you are STILL under her spell and still forking over your money and admiration to her.

You are supporting her MckMess, and THAT puts a smile on her face.

*This was not written by me, it was written by a member of MWoP. She gave me permission to copy it to my blog, since it's an accurate description of MckMama's fraud. I didn't include her photo, either. :)

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