Saturday, June 2, 2012

My new endeavor - SHAKLEE!

Well for crying out loud - have I not shared this information yet on my blog?

Shaklee. Amazing all natural products for health & home. Love. Love, love, love!

Thus far, I am completely endorsing & focusing on Shaklee's Get Clean line. I can't purchase fast enough & I can't clean fast enough! I discovered Shaklee a few years ago. Then I forgot about it. I am kicking myself that I did not purchase at that time! Tricia (thank you Tricia!) reintroduced me to Shaklee & this time, I jumped. And jumped so hard, I became a Distributor! I wish I would have known about Shaklee years & years ago, seriously. If I had, maybe my family wouldn't have suffered so severely with allergies and/or reactions to chemicals.

I have a lot planned. Lots of before & afters showing how well these natural products work. Totally safe, totally green, totally work! No chemicals, no fumes, no dust clouds, no gagging! I may be many things, but a 'salesperson' I am not. Until now. Now I am. (Actually, I'm not. And I won't be. Only because - Shaklee products sell themselves - they are that good!)

I've attempted to go green before. It started years ago, right after I had Swiffered my floors. I remember. When I was finished, all of my kids got sick. Related? I don't know. But right then & there, I loaded up all of my cleaning supplies (including laundry detergents) & sent them to work with my husband. I bought books. I researched & googled like crazy. I bought all natural supplies. And then my husband & myself got MRSA. Numerous times. Nothing I care to ever repeat in my life! I then switched back to chemicals, because that was the only thing that killed the Staph. Blah, blah, blah - I will never venture away from Shaklee cleaning products. And yes, they have products that disinfect. Kills more bacteria than Lysol.

Interested? Here's my Shaklee website:

Click here.

Go browse & read, if you want to. My website is still generic, as I haven't had time to personalize it yet. I will get to it soon, as well as including a Shaklee button or banner link on my blog. My children are now out of school for the summer & we have an appraisal Monday morning that I am preparing for. My time is limited & that's ok. However long it takes, 'cause I'm not going anywhere. Neither is Shaklee. :)

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Emily Art said...

I'm looking forward to learning more about it and I'm kinda thinking about being a Distributor. So, if I make that decision, I will sign up under you, but I want to make sure I know more about the product before I make the "jump" too. :)