Sunday, November 4, 2012

Introducing Shaklee 180 - launching Jan. 1, 2013!

This so exciting! Shaklee has rebranded their 'Cinch' plan, which as of January, will be called 'Shaklee 180'!

90 days to lose weight!
90 days to learn to keep it off!

Facts! -

2 out of 3 Americans are overweight or obese. I am one of those Americans! Are you?

Obesity is an epidemic!

The typical dieter makes 4 weight loss attempts yearly.

Weight loss is the largest, single health issue confronting our country today.

Weight is the entry to health!

This new program inspires people to make a total turnaround from unhealthy to healthy!

This program is going to be affordable for every single person in North America!

All products continue to be all-natural - Shaklee 180 is a Holistic program!

All natural products, powered by Leucine, help you burn fat, not muscle!

Shaklee promised the most advanced technology & they delivered! One of the most exciting features is the new Shaklee app! This app allows you to:

Enter your food(s).
Take photos of what you're doing.
Every time you enter, it will get updated to your own personal Shaklee 180 page.
It tracks your progress!
Enter when you eat a meal, when you exercise, you can even talk to yourself!
And, it can be uploaded into a Facebook post, so others can see what you're doing - they will inquire & it builds & builds & builds!
Earn weekly, motivational rewards.
Significant winners get flown to one of the fashion capitals in the world - they get a whole new wardrobe & photos by a famous fashion photographer!

Weight loss is social marketing! Getting on this phenomenal weight loss program & losing weight allows you (& me!) to be your own walking advertisement & others will desire it! I am finally, slowly, losing weight - you bet your bootie I will continue on & I'm so looking forward to incorporating this new program!

2 kits will be available:

The 'Turnaround' kit - to lose the weight you don't want & reach your goal(s).


The 'Lean & Healthy' kit - to stay lean & maintain.

Shaklee tested this weight loss proposition & it was a huge success! I am so excited about this! No other company can even come close to what Shaklee offers! Shaklee is the best of the best!

Because this is a new, incredibly amazing new weight loss program, they anticipate it going viral! I want people on my team who want to share this new program & here's just one more fabulous incentive - when you get 3 people to join this program, you get your Shaklee 180 products free! Become a Distributor, start using the Cinch products, begin losing weight now & you'll have one heck of a testimony to pull others on board, because they will want it too! Do you know some people who need to lose weight? They need this!

Email me & let's talk further!

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