Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Electrasol and/or Finish Dishwasher detergent RESIDUE!

Hello there! Happy mid-week! I thought I'd hop on here real quick & show you a drinking glass I discovered yesterday in my cabinet.

These photos have been altered in NO WAY. This right here is the REAL DEAL. I have a set of 20 or so of these glasses & the majority are now washed clean with/in Shaklee. Obviously, this one hasn't been used since I switched (thank God I switched!!) & I was just appalled when I saw it. YUCK. Who wants to drink that? That, my friends, is what Electrasol/Finish is leaving in your cups & on your dishes. There is absolutely no question that this residue is from Electrasol/Finish, because that is the only dishwasher detergent I used for 10 years. (I used to love it & thought it was the best! Haha!) I have never used...Cascade...? I don't even know the names of other brands. I have never used anything else. Look how thick that nasty residue is! Isn't that a pretty glass to pull out when guests come to visit?!

I snapped the photo & then quickly washed it clean with Shaklee's dish soap. I did it so quick, I didn't even use hot water, just cold. And it came this clean! Residue-free. Layer after layer of chemicals gone. I am SO thankful my family, my children especially, well heck, my husband & myself, too, are no longer eating & drinking that leftover residue with our foods & drinks.

It's so clean & clear, you can visually see the lights reflecting in the middle & down the sides. Yes, please!

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We are preparing for a garage sale on Saturday, so off I go! Selling things I've never considered selling before. We have too much stuff & we don't need it all! We are spoiled! Live simple! :)

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