Sunday, May 5, 2013

End of school & beginning of recital days.

I hate when busyness consumes life! I don't like being rushed, I don't like having (sometimes, multiple) commitments every single day - it sends me into a tailspin & I start to stress. And I certainly don't like that! I enjoy stress-free. I want to keep my glorious, young, wrinkle-free face & skin (ahem) looking it's best. Stress doesn't fit in that equation!

Last year, after our dance year had already begun, Merc's dance teachers suggested we bump her up a class because she dances so well. So we did, which is awesome! But that means she hasn't had as many classes as her classmates have & she's younger than they are. She does a great job with her steps & keeping up, but she has slightly struggled, because she hasn't had the opportunity to practice the routines as much & the dances are just a tad more sophisticated than her age-appropriate class. Yesterday was her first dance performance & I was just a little apprehensive!

This year she dances ballet, tap & jazz. Yesterday's performance was solely tap, so I worked with her on some of her steps. So much fun, since I'm a dancer at heart (I was a drill team girl & loved it!!). I have to say - Mercedes danced the best I've seen all year. I was so proud of her! She truly loves dancing & that just thrills me. I hope she continues to dance throughout her childhood & well into her teen years. And beyond!

I tried to get some photos afterwards, but for whatever reason, she wasn't having it. She was so grumpy! Usually she's my happy, posing dancer, but not yesterday. Maybe she was a little stressed from her first performance, I don't know. So I snapped a few & we went on our way. Her recital is in four weeks & I cannot wait! Merc dances at a very popular, very large studio (433 students this year!) & the recitals are simply amazing! They are very professionally done & the huge auditorium is always packed with family & friends. It is such a beautiful, exciting experience for all the dancers & so much fun! Memories they will treasure forever.

That aside, we have end of the school year. It just wipes me out every year (physically & financially). Bentley had a his first french horn competition, before judges, last weekend (he won the highest metal!) & has another one on Tuesday morning, & then an afternoon at the water park. Friday night he had his first 'spring fling', for kids only. We loaded up he & his friend & dropped them off & they had ball. His activities & schedule are getting busier the older he gets (he's 12 now). He just signed up for a few AP classes next year. We had decided he would attend private school next year & he was totally on board. Until recently, when he decided he does not want to change schools. I couldn't believe it. He loves band so much, he has made so many friends, he just doesn't want to leave. Reluctantly, I agreed he could stay. I want to be sure I always listen & validate my children's feelings, so for now, no private school. Granted, it will save us a ton of money, but I just wanted more for him. Nonetheless, we'll give public middle school a go. I never want him to be unhappy, so I'm sure it will be fine. Even though our district is huge, we are fortunate we haven't had many issues. We are in a great district. His book fair is this week, his field day is quickly approaching, his science fair/experiment is approaching, his '6th grade send off' is approaching, his end of the year concert is approaching - ack! He has band practice starting @ 7:15 a.m. on some days & practice after school on other days. So much all at one time! It almost takes a balancing act to juggle it all.

My two elementary kids had their spring fling last weekend, but we never participate (this year was the first year my oldest has ever attended). I just don't allow those types of things, because in my opinion, the school has my children long enough. When school is not in session, it's our time. But the school still wants money, they still want donations for the auction (in my son's class alone, they auctioned off a TWO HUNDRED dollar basket! I was appalled) & they want baked goods (which comes with restrictions/rules/guidelines) for the cake walk. My daughter had a costume performance a few weeks ago, their field day is tomorrow (for both of them) & now it's teacher appreciation week, so they want money/gifts/food, etc. x 3 teachers. My daughter has a huge project due this week, we still have dance weekly, homework, groceries, cleaning, blah, blah. And my work! My Shaklee has been pushed aside during all this & I hate that! So thankful I have a job that allows me to be home with my kids & work my own hours.

In the meantime, I had my oldest's adoption update that is due. This is our only birthmother that if she had to do it all over again, would not have placed her son for adoption. I love her dearly, & I stress so much over this update. I want it to be everything she is hoping for because I don't ever want her to be disappointed. Thankfully, it's done! I just have to stick it in the mail.

Whew! It's all just so crazy & I'm so ready for summer break! I have many blog posts lined up, so many projects I'm ready to dig in to & decorating to begin! Decorating on a budget, of course! I love cleaning, I love decorating - I'm ready! Cleaning & decorating are stress relievers for me, so I need them in abundance. :)

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