Sunday, May 12, 2013

My cute, little refurbished table!

Truth: I'm not really a DIY'er. Not when it comes to painting & refurbishing furniture pieces. But I'm ready to begin decorating our home, & it has to be on a (pretty much nonexistent) budget. So painting it is. I have so many pieces I want to do, but I've been afraid to do it, because I have no clue what I'm doing. But it's now or never & I won't learn unless I try. I figure if everyone else can do it, I can, too! Positive thinking! I'm starting with a little table that I bought at Goodwill a few years ago. I bought it to go in our small bathroom, but it didn't really work like I had hoped. Since then, it's been unproductively sitting beside our couch, collecting dust. Time to put it to use!

I decided to move it into the front living room, which is where I mostly have beige, brown & aqua. Because the table was inexpensive, & it's ok if I mess it up, I decided to go bold & spray paint it with 'Maui Blue'! I took a little aqua candle holder to try to match the color. I'm efficient like that. Ha!

I took it outside & did a little light sanding, to remove some slight surface scratches. I wanted a fine sandpaper, but we didn't have any, so I found this semi-fine sanding block. Worked fine (I crack myself up). I lightly sanded the top & some of the sides, wherever it needed a little touch up.

I bought a white spray primer, but decided not to use it, since the table is so small. (Now that it's done, I think I wouldn't have needed as many coats if I had used it. That darn "hindsight's 20/20" thing.)

Here's the first coat. I went quick & light, to avoid overspraying & drips. Times 50.

And here is it, completed! Tada! Actually, it had to be done, because I ran out of paint. Now that it's inside drying, if I happen to notice I missed any areas, I'll buy another can & finish those.

Whoa! That sucker is bright! A little too bright for my liking. :) We are rooming our girls together in the near future & I'm going to put it in their room. It will be perfect!

For my first piece, not too shabby! It's actually pretty darn cute!

Hope you had a beautiful Mother's Day! :)

(Psst - if you are going to paint, I suggest not using a sheet, like I did! It was horrible, sticking & moving! Next time I will use cardboard.)

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