Friday, June 7, 2013

Our weekend project!

I am so excited about this little project! This little back patio flowerbed just drives me crazy! Why the builders chose to stick it there, right next to our master bedroom windows, is beyond me. The landscaping here is just nuts. Too much, no consistency, you name it. Eight years later, we're still cleaning it up, clearing it out & replanting.

My plan this summer is to spend a lot of time outside. We do every summer, but moreso, this summer. So I deemed it the perfect weekend to rid this wet, moldy, smelly, unsightly flowerbed. When we first moved in, there were bushes in it, but I pulled those. Some were dying, some were thriving - yuck. They were hideous. I was going to plant flowers there & put down fresh mulch but because I want us to eat outside a lot, I've decided to fill it in!

Here's my plan. Up against one side of our back fence, they put a rock bed, enclosed with landscaping timbers. Why did they do that? There isn't another one anywhere on our property. It's ugly. It fills up with sticks & weeds. So, we're pulling the landscape timbers & relocating the stones over to the back patio flowerbed. Once the stones are laid, my husband wants to pour cement on top, to set the stones. What a great idea! And the only thing we need to purchase for this project is a bag of cement! Hello!? Winning!!

Can't wait to get started! By Sunday, I hope this icky area is gone & we can enjoy our food & drinks on the patio without the dirty, musty smell of the flowerbed.

Isn't such a fulfilling accomplishment to complete a project? Good-bye grossness! :)

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