Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Something for me!

This is what I did this week! It makes me happy! I go outside & I love it! I still have so much I want to do yard-wise, but baby steps. I love a pretty yard! Today cost me more money than I preferred. But it's done, & next week I'll definitely keep it less expensive.

First, I bought a Bougainvillea! A few years ago I had one & I had had it for years. It was huge & gorgeous! I had it planted in a metal tub & every winter we would pull it in the garage (& got ripped to shreds by the thorns) when it got really cold. One year we forgot & left it out one night. It didn't survive. Sniff. I'll replant this one in some sort of a planter, too. For now, it hangs & looks pretty! It was $14.

Then, I drug these old planters out. I wasn't about to throw them out when I could put them to good use!

I gave them a good wash & some spray paint. I was going to paint them dark brown, 'cause that seems to be my go-to color right now, but the kids & I thought we'd live on the edge. We chose Tropical Oasis!

Spray paint $4 x 2. Flowers $3 x 2. Potting soil $5 x 2.

Then, I put some pretty flowers in them!

Tada! Love how they match the pool water perfectly. Winning!

My total for the day was $38 + tax. The good news is, I'll be able to enjoy this $38 all summer! Yes, please!

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1 comment:

Tricia said...

Super cute! I have 3 HUGE flower pots waiting to be spray painted right now. I had big plans to get them on my deck. Maybe that will be my SASS for next week.