Friday, July 5, 2013

Another thrift!

I love to blog hop! I love to look at other people's stuff. :) Browsing fun posts on other blogs relaxes me. It allows me time to just sit, chill out, get ideas & relax. There's nothing stressful, there's nothing negative, there's nothing hateful or ugly. It's just nice. And that's what I want my weekly blog hops to be about. And I gotta say, people's creativity blows me away. I love seeing what other people do!

We've had a crazy week here at our home due to all sorts of things, so this week, I'm sharing my thrifting finds. I love thrifting! I love thrifting for the very same reasons I love blog hopping - it relaxes me. It's fun. It allows me to unfocus & just be. I browse & see if I can find a good deal. And I love a good deal!

I fell in love with this lamp! Even more, I fell in love with the price tag - $5! Awesomeness! Only to find out once I got home, the $5 sticker was an old garage sale sticker & the actual price, & what I paid, was $10.75. lol Next time I'll pay attention. *Can't wait to paint this puppy! I've already looked at colors at Lowe's, but I think Home Depot has a much better spray paint selection, so I need to go there to purchase.

The white glass vases, I probably shouldn't have bought. But I'm so into clean, white right now, so I grabbed them.

I bought the lamp light for my son & paid $3.15. It's well made, so I thought that was a good price. But I did see a brand new one at Lowe's for a little over $4.

Thrift shops have become quite the obsession lately & I do believe they are capitalizing on that fact! Their prices really do need to be less expensive. I pass on a lot of items due to price.

Here's the breakdown:

lamp - $10.75
glass vase - $5.95
glass vase - $5.95
desk lamp - $3.15

Total w/ tax: $27.93

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