Thursday, July 18, 2013

Decorating - from browns to blacks!

Oh I am loving this! I've finally made the decision to change my decorating colors from brown to black, I am ready to start painting & getting this gorgeous color scheme implemented, when it begins to rain. And rain. And rain. For days. Hasn't rained in months until now. Ha! Welcome to my world. Here are some colors I've gotten so far:

So pretty! Too bad I couldn't use them until today. But today, we have sunshine! We went to the park this morning, had lunch & then I repainted my Goodwill lamp! (Yes, again. This is going to end up being one expensive lamp!) Hello beautiful Metallic Black!

(I just noticed those two dark spots kind of on the right side, but they're in the photo only. I don't know why those are there. There are no dark spots on my lamp! :)

Kind of hard to tell the brown from the black, but it's black! This very well could be one of my favorite shades of black! It's just beautiful with a pretty shimmer. I like shimmer!

Here it is, side by side. Here you can tell the difference:

Tada! I know. The line in between the two photos is crooked. Don't ask.

Now, it's time to choose paint for the girls' room & then start spraying my blacks/silver/gray/white on candlesticks, a clock (or two) & whatever else isn't nailed down. Hope I don't spray the kids! :)

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