Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Target - offering a few inappropriate clothing choices for little girls.

And they really think these are appropriate for 4 & 5 year olds? Really? Who, exactly, is approving these clothes? Per-verts? Pedo-philes? This is 100% unacceptable, plain & simple. I'm not sure what's worse - that these are available or that there are almost no other options for little girl shorts. ‪#‎disgusting‬ ‪#‎truth‬ ‪#‎clothes‬ ‪#‎fashion‬ ‪#‎unacceptable‬

*I broke the icky words above so no one can find my blog by searching those particular words. Ew!

The above photo & statement is what I posted to Instagram (& my Facebook page) after stumbling across these doozies while shopping at Target. The pair in the photo is an XS, which means, they typically fit a 4-5 year old little girl. What. The. Heck. Gotta love the cheetah print next to them - s-exy kitten, anyone? Yuck! These articles of clothing for little girls is so wrong on so many levels. Why is Target even carrying such nonsense? And I'm kind of afraid to ask, but do parents actually purchase these trashy things for their little girls?

When I posted this photo to my Facebook page, it ended up being my most popular post yet. This Facebook post was seen by over 800 people. Which is a lot for my tiny page. And let me tell you, not one person had anything nice to say about these shorts!

If we desire to raise strong, successful, confident, young ladies who possess high standards & self-respect, then it starts with the adults. It starts when they are very little & it is an ongoing lesson. It starts at home, with responsible, caring parents & should be supported & encouraged by society. Selling inappropriate, suggestive clothing for such little girls is not the way to do it. Very disappointing, indeed.

Shame on you, Target. Shame on you for supporting, advertising & making inappropriate clothing available to such young, innocent, impressionable girls. Shame on you for sending the message that these are acceptable & that dressing in little to no clothing is ok. It is not ok. In all honesty, you provide some really cute clothing. Step up & stop offering unnecessary & inexcusable apparel. Keep your reputation for being one of the good guys & hopefully you won't take on the title of being one of the bad.

Kudos to all the stores that do not offer & do not support such derogatory and/or provocative clothing for little girls.

(I assume Target isn't the only store selling clothing like this for this age group, but Target is where I saw them, so it's Target I'm addressing.)

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Rebecca M. said...

What's interesting to me is that after you posted that picture, I was in Target and made a point of going into the girls section. Our Target had none of those types of shorts. All of the shorts were very appropriate for little girls ( Bermuda length, or mid thigh length). Maybe it's a regional thing? Granted, we don't have a lot if shorts to choose from, as they are bringing out the winter clothes, but there were at least 5 different ones to pick from.