Thursday, May 6, 2010

Baby steps to Kindergarten.

This gorgeous girl has almost sent me into panic mode. Her persistent "I am not going to Kindergarten. I do not want to go. I want to be homeschooled. I'm not going." she repeatedly told me, for months. She did not shout it, she was not angry, she was adamant. She wasn't going, that's all there was to it, the end.
Much to her dismay, she is going to Kindergarten. In August. Three and a half short months away.

She is 5 years old, & cannot write her name. I have been working with her for months & months to teach her to write her letters. She can't do it. I have observed over & over. My girl just flat out cannot write (for the record, she can write in Chinese extremely well. Seems writing in English is the issue.) She would cry & get frustrated every time I mentioned it. Hubby & I have seriously discussed having her evaluated for a learning disability. This is a new road for me - my boys, both boys, were eager & ready & willing to learn to write. And they both learned way before age 5. Jaguar has totally thrown me for a loop.

Before having her tested, I decided to kick it into high gear. If she would practice her writing, she would be rewarded. It didn't have to be perfect. I don't expect perfection from a beginner. But as with all of my children, I do expect effort.

Today we sat down. She had a bit of determination. I began working with her one letter at a time. You know what? She did it! My girl can write her entire name! Every darn tootin' letter. Oh.yes.she.can. Now, it's not perfect. But it is completely legible, which tells me there is only room for improvement. She can write! Her inability to write wasn't due to lack of trying, but I now know it was due to lack of desire. She can write just fine.

After her shower the other night, I was doing her hair. I don't remember what I said to her, but I mentioned something about the other little girls she would be meeting in Kindergarten. She responded with a positive comment. I then said, with a huge, encouraging smile on my face, "What did you just say? Is it possible you are getting excited about Kindergarten?" To which she replied "Maybe just a little bit." She's sly like that. ;o) That is the 1st positive comment she has ever made regarding school come August. And you betcha, I'll take it. Ü

To see her adorable face light up when I start hoopin' & hollerin' & high fivin' her for her fantastic writing, & now hearing her exciting comments to boot, well, it almost makes me glad for the whole stinkin' struggle.

A few minutes ago: "Mom, thanks for signing me up for Kindergarten."

My olive & tomato eating girl. I am so, so proud. Gosh, I ♥ her! Ü


MollyinMinn said...

I just stumbled across your blog and have been enjoying reading it. What a beautiful girl and a great post about this achievement. Kudos to her (and you)

Bridget said...

WOOHOO for writing her letters and for getting excited about school! :D

Mommy Brain said...

My baby is going to Kindergarten next August too! We have been working hard at his recognition of letters...and after 3 years of preschool still nothing...FRUSTRATING! Now, after kicking it into high gear we are slowly improving. This is so difficult isn't it? Because you want to compare them...I struggle with that...

Good job baby girl! Good job Mommy!