Saturday, May 1, 2010

Bliss winner!

Did you win? Well, let's see! I chose the Bliss winner!
Well, I didn't, this time, did! Ready?

The winner? #24! Aimee! Congrats, Aimee! Ü

Email me your address to:, & I'll get your Bliss off to you on Monday!

Thanks everyone for playing! ♥ doing giveaways. So fun!

Next order of business - I am dropping Adoption Divine! Yep! Another change! Why? I don't care for it, it has never brought me any hits (which was really it's purpose), & because I have absolutely no desire to further pursue this professional blogging stuff, I really want to return to the simple. Ü Hopefully by changing back to a blogspot address (i.e. free!), my blog updates will again be showing in readers. This has been a problem for months & I'm assuming it is related to my domain. I have been unsuccessful in rectifying the issue, so I'll just be done with Adoption Divine. I just want to go cute, fun & simple! After I change, I have no desire to change again. Done. Finished. I just want to blog, with no more changes. :)

I will post the new address here, so watch for it! Once it changes, it changes. Thanks for hanging in there with me!

Happy weekend! Ü


Family "Q" said...

I like a change here and there, just so long as we're kept in the loop! :)

Us said...

how in the heck did i miss this giveaway!! iam such a slacker!!!!

Us said...

oooohhh wait, I was entered!!!! just didn't win:0( lol!