Friday, May 14, 2010

Why I called it quits with BlogHer. *Update.

This just seems so darn silly. For goodness sake, this is the internet. This 'stuff' isn't happening in physical life, it's happening via the internet. However, I felt compelled to make this move.

I've partnered with BlogHer & ran their ads on my blog since February '10. They partner with many, many blogs (who also display their ads), including the controversial blog of Jennifer McKinney, aka MckMama. I'm not going to go into all that makes her blog controversial; if you're a follower of her blog, you already know.

BlogHer has rules & regulations in their contract that one's blog/blogger must meet, before they are accepted as a partner. Wednesday evening I signed on to Twitter & noticed a tweet from BlogHer to "@mckmama" regarding some sort of contest, including the opportunity to win $100. Jennifer McKinney has currently/previously broken 2 of BlogHer's rules, & at that moment, it became clear to me that BlogHer finds it acceptable. The blog rules (that I'm aware of) disregarded? 1.) "don't publish adult content" 2.) "written by women".

Aside from the inconsistencies written by Jennifer, her husband has his own page linked to/advertised on her site, & some of his blog posts include vulgar language, blunt/accurate anatomy descriptions, acts of sexual conduct & the like. Simply put, & I've only read one post because believe me, one was enough!, it was disgusting. Not only disgusting, but Jennifer advertised the post herself on her blog to encourage others to read.

If that is the sort of material that Jennifer chooses to include on her blog, then that's her business. However, suddenly I realized that I have no desire to partner with a company that promotes and/or condones such behavior. Obviously, the all mighty dollar surpasses written & signed rules and regulations stated in BlogHer's contract. More importantly, when others who currently partner with BlogHer follow said rules, it's just unfair when others don't. And I care none to be associated with an organization(s) who a.) doesn't implement or enforce their own contract & b.) feel filthy blog content such as that is ok. In my book, it's not. But that's just me. I like to have fun like the next person, but come on. Certain content crosses the line. Something else I found disturbing - at the bottom of BlogHer ads, displayed are other BlogHer network blogs, & you can click on the links to go visit different blogs. From time to time, Jennifer's blog was advertised on my blog. No thank you.

Anyway, when I had this realization, I immediately removed BlogHer's ads & contacted them. To which they sent a one-line response: For me to remove my ads (already did that) & they would mail me my outstanding balance & our partnership would be severed. They never asked why I decided to leave the network. I guess they already knew, or didn't really care. :)

I have no problem running ads for companies. Many blogs have advertising and/or sponsors. But for me, I prefer a reputable company, who stands behind their contracts & demonstrates professionalism, as a professional organization. If a company claims to be professional, then by all means, back it up. And stand tall for doing so.

Happy Friday! Ü

*Today is 3.9.11. I am pleased to say BlogHer severed ties with Jennifer about 6 months (or so) ago. Jennifer was found guilty of plagiarism & BlogHer evidently decided enough was enough. The plagiarism appeared to be the last straw. Kudos to BlogHer! :)


Bobbi Janay @When did I go from a kid to a grown up? said...

Girl I understand, completely.

Bridget said...

Totally understand and totally agree! You go, girl!! :D

bringing whirled peas said...

Wow! Thank you for sharing this post. Though it was your decision to sever ties with BlogHer I am glad that you've explained why to all of us.

As for BlogHer, I could tell that they are in it for the almighty dollar when month after month there is a waiting list where many great bloggers hang in limbo. But then all of a sudden a brand new blogger gets BlogHer ads immediately. Took me a minute to figure out why...she had a fairly large following. Why? Controversy! Since the blog was not based on anything *real* it is no longer open. But still left a bad thought in my mind about BlogHer.

As for MckMama, she doesn't seem to think rules apply to her. And why should she? The organizations that make the rules up don't mind when she breaks them. Like you mentioned BlogHer. Or Compassion and political blogging, or passing background checks for trips. It's all about money.

Thank you for rising above the almighty dollar and speaking out about it!

Melissa :) said...

@bringing whirled peas - thank you for your sweet comment! :)

Kriss said...

I totally agree!!!

Christina said...

I left BlogHer about 1.5 years ago because I disliked all of the editorial restrictions they place on blogs (i.e. how you host giveaways, affiliate links within posts, etc). I would get snotty e-mails regarding these restrictions and yet, I would see blogs much bigger than me breaking the same rules with no "cease and desist" warnings. Why? Because those bigger blogs make them more money and it's easier to look the other way.

I got tired of the hassles and have since found other networks to be far more friendly.

Launa said...

Good for you!!! Yeah!