Monday, May 3, 2010

Hives II.

When Bentley woke up this morning (9:20!) I was very pleased. Most of the hives from yesterday/last night had dissipated, but some new ones, as expected, had developed. Because I had given him Zyrtec last night, I phoned the drs. office to see if I could administer some Benedryl to finish off the new hives. I received the ok. :)

He did super for the following hours. We ran quickly to Wal-Mart for some staples (well, not actually staples themselves, more like bread, milk, etc. ;o) We came home & ate lunch. Nothing out of the ordinary. He was extremely tired from the Benedryl, so he laid down in my bed due to me bleaching his sheets/blanket & they were in the washer.

Audi had a photo shoot this afternoon & hubby was picking him up from school, so I decided to lie down w/ my Bentley & take a nap. I noticed he was itching; I asked him if he needed some more Benedryl & he said yes. So to the kitchen we went. I turned around...

To find this! Oh good glory! What happened? This transpired in about a 20 minute span! What I saw on his face did not make me happy. I called hubby, told him change of plans - he needed to come home because I was taking Bentley straight to the dr. I phoned the dr. in the meantime. They had me administer Zyrtec & Benedryl at the same time & scheduled us an appointment.

(The above & below photo, Bentley was very agitated as the hives were driving him crazy! My poor guy. Love the raw emotion, though. This is so him when agitated.)

The photo below is after I had given him both medications. He mustered up a grin! Ü

We've made no progress, other than to watch for 'triggers', which I was already doing. Was given some medication instructions & some acid (Pepcid, Zantac) medications I could try if the others made him too tired.

As of now, other than a few small welts, he is fine. His face cleared up quickly, thank goodness. However, I have a hunch this journey isn't over yet...I so hope I'm wrong.


Melissa Miller said...

No!!! I do hope hope you find the *trigger*. Poor thing!

Mommy Brain said...

OMG! I want to cry! And the unfortunate thing is you may never find the trigger...only hope the meds work. So hard to do school and hives at the same time.

Kriss said...

Melissa, if nothing else has changed (laundry soap, bathing soap, etc) do you think it could be the Axe spray or the dander from your new puppy? I feel so bad for him!!! -kriss

Melissa :) said...

We'll probably never discover the trigger. I don't think many do.

Kriss, the Axe spray was thrown in the trash the night I almost hurled. LOL So he's never used it (or not since that one time). Kysie, most definitely, is a possibility. :(

Us said...

awww...poor baby...that happens everytime i roll in grass...but that doesn't happen to often anymore:0) hope he feels better!