Friday, July 8, 2011

Goodwill goodies.

Scored lots of goodies this trip:

Basket for dog toys (I shouldn't have paid this much) - $5.95
Little white creamer for my white dish cabinet - $.50
Mason jar - $.95
6 shirts @ 2.99 each - $17.94
Like new jeans - $4.19
Like new Dockers dress shirt - $ -0- (Just noticed, I think she forgot to charge me...?)
Snap lid glass jar (no clue the technical term for these) - $2.95
Snap lid glass jar - $3.95
Home decor cross ("If You have FAITH nothing shall be Impossible For YOU. Matthew 17:20") - $1.95

And these I call my I'll buy them if you let me look toys:

Dragon - $1.95
Pinball machine - $1.95

Total: $45, tax included.

Every Wednesday is 1/2 off day. I haven't made it on a Wednesday yet. Even though our Goodwills are very busy, I'm going to attempt to go & see what I can get! I'm thinking the earlier I get there, the better. Ü

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