Thursday, July 7, 2011

The runaway jetski & back to blogging.

This is hubby & Audi on July 4th. Before Audi almost died. Or so he thought. Our little 3 year old daredevil (Mercedes) & hubby were fixing to embark (again) on a jetski ride. They were still located right next to the dock, right next to Audi & his Uncle, when suddenly, our little daredevil decided she would turn the jetski on herself, while holding the throttle wide open! It's a wonder hubby didn't fall off the back, as they weren't ready to take off yet. (Well, obviously she was. ;o) Audi then begins screaming bloody murder. Hubby's brother grabbed him & I went running, panicking, "we've got to get him out of the water, we've got to get him out!!!" Hubby's brother, however, kept him in the water, holding him in a cradle position, calming him down & checking his legs. Come to find out, the jetski did hit him, it actually hit Uncle too, but Audi took the brunt of it. He's fine. More than anything, we think having the strong 'power wash' like water force directly in his face scared the dickens out of him. It wasn't until hubby returned to the dock, dove off the jetski to see if Audi was injured & I was giving him the 3rd degree, did we find out Miss Mercedes was the guilty party. Girl scares me.

Got a good Goodwill run in today! I'll post soon. My plan is to get back to blogging regularly. I really enjoy it & I miss it. Ü

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Mercedes cracks me up! Seriously glad that everyone was okay and had a happy 4th.

July 7, 2011 9:59 PM