Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Electrasol and/or Finish vs. Shaklee's Dish Washer Concentrate!

I always knew our glasses had a white film in them. Obviously, I just ignored it. Until one day in June, after washing a load with Shaklee's Dish Washer Concentrate, & I pulled these two glasses out. The left washed prior with Electrasol/Finish (that's all I ever used for years), the right with Shaklee. It was at that time it really occurred to me - what in the sam hills have we been drinking with our drinks & eating with our food?

Knowing the glass on the left had been washed at approximately 20 times (possibly less, because they are semi-new & I have a ton of them), I decided to go & purchase a brand new glass that had never been washed, & wash it the same number of times for a comparison. Is there really a difference in dishwasher detergents?

I purchased the glass the first of September. Because it's new, there's been no product or chemicals in this glass. I bought this solely to compare Shaklee's Dish Washer Concentrate to the commercial dishwasher product I had been using for years.

I took a photo of the glass, then directly placed it in the dishwasher. I never removed it, until I had washed the glass 20 consecutive times. Every time I washed a load & washed that particular glass, I recorded it on my dry erase board. (Good possibility I actually washed it over 20 times, as I think I forgot to record it a time or two.)

When I reached 20 washings, I pulled it out. This is the result - some water spots.

I'm not sure which glass I used that is in the first photo (I forgot to set it aside for the experiment), so I just used this old applesauce jar I drink out of for the comparison. And of course, you can compare it to the first photo, as well. The results, obviously, are self-explanatory. I don't know what the white residue is from the Electrasol/Finish, but it's not real simple to wipe off. I am so disgusted with myself that I ignored whatever chemical it is & allowed my family to continue to eat & drink from our dishes. Yuck.

Don't do what I did. You & your family are ingesting those remaining chemicals. Go here to buy your own Get Clean Dish Washer Concentrate. Better yet, go here & buy an entire Get Clean kit. Not only are they green & safe, they are less expensive than commercial cleaners & they last forever!

Any change is better than no change at all - please, get the toxic, harsh chemicals out of your home once & for all. I love to clean & I will only use products that work. Trust me - toxins just aren't necessary to have a clean, healthy home!

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