Saturday, October 27, 2012

Homemade DIY shaving lotion!

I have been wanting to try this DIY recipe for so long, but couldn't find 'lotion' bottles (& really didn't want to spend money on one), so I waited until we had an empty Dial Body Wash bottle & I'm using that. Recycle & repurpose, right?

Shaving Lotion Recipe:

1 cup conditioner.
1 cup shampoo.
5 tablespoons each: lotion & baby oil.
Mix & let sit 1 hour.

When I was gathering the products, I pulled out what I currently use. Thankfully, before I mixed it up, it dawned on me to use the cheapest products I have on hand. So I put my good shampoo/conditioner/lotion away & scrounged up cheapies! Whew! I can't even tell you how old the baby oil is!

Next time, I'll just dump the product directly in the mixing bowl, but this time I measured & poured them into little individual bowls: (I bought these little glass bowls for a science experiment a few years ago & I can't tell you how often I use these. Love them.)

Then, I poured them all in:

And mixed them together. I was going to let them sit for an hour in the bowl, but decided it would be easier to pour the lotion into the bottle if it was in a measuring cup with a spout. So I dumped it in there & let it sit for an hour:

An hour is up, I poured it in the bottle & I will test it tomorrow! It smells divine & looks so silky - I hope it works! Be sure to check back tomorrow for an update!

Disclaimer - this is not my recipe. I saw it on Pinterest & decided to try it. You can find the original here.

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