Sunday, October 28, 2012

Homemade DIY shaving lotion! The results!

I tried it today! The results? On a scale of 1 - 10, 10 being fab, I'd give the lotion a 6.

I am disappointed with how thin it is, as a lot of the lotion ran off my leg(s) as I was applying. That said, it smells divine, it felt silky smooth & my razor ran very smooth against my leg(s), spite the watery product. I was also disappointed in how dry my legs are afterwards. I haven't used baby oil in years & I forgot how much I love the sweet smoothness (& scent) of it. I really thought my legs would look & feel more moisturized.

That said, will I continue to use this DIY shaving lotion? Yes! The amount of money I'm going to save by not purchasing commercial shaving gel is priceless. Last night I used products on hand, so basically, this batch cost me nothing. And my goodness, it's going to last a very long time! However, if you recall, last night I traded my better quality products for cheapie products, right before mixing. I won't do that again. I think had the shampoo/conditioner/lotion been a better quality (hence, thicker consistency), the results would be more pleasing. So, I definitely will be implementing those changes, as well as adding a tablespoon or two more of baby oil. Possibly even lotion. And really, considering how much this formula makes & how long it will last, even if using much pricier products, it's still going to be cost effective.

Thinking out loud here - the variations are really endless. I could use good, quality products that are healthier (i.e. paraben/sulfate free) & I could change out the baby oil for baby oil gel. I could use lotion that is fragrance-free, to avoid adding another scent. So much tweaking can be done. It's kind of fun! When I get the recipe that I'm really happy with, of course, I'll repost! In the meantime, make some yourself & see if you like it. Recycle a bottle (mine is a Dial Body Wash bottle), use products you already have on hand, go ahead & make the changes I'm going to implement to see if the lotion thickens any. If you make it & try it, holler at me!

Happy shaving!

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