Sunday, December 2, 2012

Top 12 cancer causing products in your home!

This is very important information - please take the time to read it!

The top 12 cancer causing products in your home! Click the link below to see the list of harmful, toxic chemicals!

A friend of mine, who has devoted countless hours of research on this very subject, added her own accurate statement after reviewing the list of the chemicals: "I appreciate this list, but the safer milk suggestion of organic SKIM is dead wrong! Always, always choose full fat (local grass fed cow milk is even better)!"

Truth be told, this is exactly why everyone, everywhere should be using most of Shaklee's non-toxic products! I will NEVER go back to commercial products! Go to my Shaklee site, join as a member & give your family the best possible gift ever - getting the dangerous, harmful, toxic chemicals out of your home once & for all! Shaklee products are the healthiest, best products I've ever used! You certainly do NOT need to order every single Shaklee product, but start with a cleaning kit & rid the toxic cleaning products & laundry detergent! Any change is better than no change at all!

Here is my Shaklee site:

Remember, you cannot put a price on your health & the health of your children & loved ones!

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