Saturday, December 15, 2012

Shaklee's Nourishing Scalp Treatment!

Every week, I plan to implement a 'Featured Product' on my Facebook page & blog. Once a week, I'm going to feature one of my most favorite Shaklee products! And there are many, so get ready!

Tonight, I'm featuring Shaklee's Nourishing Scalp Treatment. This product is for anyone who has thinning hair or is concerned about hair loss. It's completely normal to lose hair every day, but I felt as if I was losing more than the 'normal' amount. Daily, I began taking Biotin (everyone should be taking 3,000 mg of Biotin every day! Not only does it promote healthy hair/skin/nails, it also helps maintain a steady blood sugar level! Available at any pharmacy - about $3.) & I'm now using the Nourishing Scalp Treatment. I haven't noticed subtle results, I have noticed tremendous results!! Wonderful improvement! Now, when I shower, as well as before I blow dry, I have little to no hair loss. It's amazing! I'm almost 46 years sophisticated & unfortunately, thinning hair comes with the territory. I'm literally stopping it in it's tracks! I have long hair & I have a lot of hair & I'm going to keep it that way! You just apply some drops of this product & massage it into your scalp. I LOVE it! Read all about it & order yours here: Nourishing Scalp Treatment.

Every girl deserves beautiful, full, healthy hair!

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