Sunday, October 28, 2012

Homemade DIY shaving lotion! The results!

I tried it today! The results? On a scale of 1 - 10, 10 being fab, I'd give the lotion a 6.

I am disappointed with how thin it is, as a lot of the lotion ran off my leg(s) as I was applying. That said, it smells divine, it felt silky smooth & my razor ran very smooth against my leg(s), spite the watery product. I was also disappointed in how dry my legs are afterwards. I haven't used baby oil in years & I forgot how much I love the sweet smoothness (& scent) of it. I really thought my legs would look & feel more moisturized.

That said, will I continue to use this DIY shaving lotion? Yes! The amount of money I'm going to save by not purchasing commercial shaving gel is priceless. Last night I used products on hand, so basically, this batch cost me nothing. And my goodness, it's going to last a very long time! However, if you recall, last night I traded my better quality products for cheapie products, right before mixing. I won't do that again. I think had the shampoo/conditioner/lotion been a better quality (hence, thicker consistency), the results would be more pleasing. So, I definitely will be implementing those changes, as well as adding a tablespoon or two more of baby oil. Possibly even lotion. And really, considering how much this formula makes & how long it will last, even if using much pricier products, it's still going to be cost effective.

Thinking out loud here - the variations are really endless. I could use good, quality products that are healthier (i.e. paraben/sulfate free) & I could change out the baby oil for baby oil gel. I could use lotion that is fragrance-free, to avoid adding another scent. So much tweaking can be done. It's kind of fun! When I get the recipe that I'm really happy with, of course, I'll repost! In the meantime, make some yourself & see if you like it. Recycle a bottle (mine is a Dial Body Wash bottle), use products you already have on hand, go ahead & make the changes I'm going to implement to see if the lotion thickens any. If you make it & try it, holler at me!

Happy shaving!

Saturday, October 27, 2012

Homemade DIY shaving lotion!

I have been wanting to try this DIY recipe for so long, but couldn't find 'lotion' bottles (& really didn't want to spend money on one), so I waited until we had an empty Dial Body Wash bottle & I'm using that. Recycle & repurpose, right?

Shaving Lotion Recipe:

1 cup conditioner.
1 cup shampoo.
5 tablespoons each: lotion & baby oil.
Mix & let sit 1 hour.

When I was gathering the products, I pulled out what I currently use. Thankfully, before I mixed it up, it dawned on me to use the cheapest products I have on hand. So I put my good shampoo/conditioner/lotion away & scrounged up cheapies! Whew! I can't even tell you how old the baby oil is!

Next time, I'll just dump the product directly in the mixing bowl, but this time I measured & poured them into little individual bowls: (I bought these little glass bowls for a science experiment a few years ago & I can't tell you how often I use these. Love them.)

Then, I poured them all in:

And mixed them together. I was going to let them sit for an hour in the bowl, but decided it would be easier to pour the lotion into the bottle if it was in a measuring cup with a spout. So I dumped it in there & let it sit for an hour:

An hour is up, I poured it in the bottle & I will test it tomorrow! It smells divine & looks so silky - I hope it works! Be sure to check back tomorrow for an update!

Disclaimer - this is not my recipe. I saw it on Pinterest & decided to try it. You can find the original here.

Monday, October 22, 2012

Newlyweds! Justin Timberlake & Jessica Biel!

They got married, in Italy, last weekend! Lets take a look at the happy couple as the emerge in Italy as husband & wife! Woohoo! Newlyweds!

Well for crying out loud.

Can't wait to see their 1 year anniversary photo!

Happy Marriage, balls of fire.

Saturday, October 20, 2012

Shaklee Essentials Antiperspirant Cream.

During my Jan. 2009 mammogram, a star shaped (not encouraging) mass was discovered. In Feb. 2009, I had a BSGI test performed to rule out breast cancer. In 2010, I was 'released'. In 2011, I had a Stereotactic Needle Biopsy performed on that very mass. That said, 'parabens' are present in almost 100% of breast cancer tumors. I am ECSTATIC that Shaklee provides a paraben-free antiperspirant that works & works so well - I'm shocked, truth be told. It is that good. It is better than what I was using! Tonight, I'm working on a massive email/post to alert every woman I know. We all need to switch to this paraben-free antiperspirant, in hopes of avoiding breast cancer. Listen. Our DAUGHTERS need to be using this antiperspirant! Why in the world, when parabens are found in almost all breast cancer, would we even take the risk? My journey was disturbing & I am so blessed that my mass is nothing serious. But I can promise you - it's not a road I desire to travel again. Therefore, I will do everything I can do on my part, such as removing parabens from my deodorant, as a precautionary measure. Please consider doing the same not only for yourself, but your female family members, as well. Remember, if you don't like it, Shaklee has a 100% money back guarantee.

And if you think it's expensive, think again! It is $12.10 for members ($14.25 non-members). It takes just a small amount, so this 4 oz. jar should last a very, very long time! It is a cream, so you just tab & spread it under your arm - it has a very mild, lovely scent, but the scent dissipates almost immediately. It applies white, but instantly turns clear. It's not wet, it's not even noticeable! It's wonderful. Trust, I am very picky. I won't use any product that doesn't work. This product, my friends, is amazing.

Order here!

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Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Electrasol and/or Finish vs. Shaklee's Dish Washer Concentrate!

I always knew our glasses had a white film in them. Obviously, I just ignored it. Until one day in June, after washing a load with Shaklee's Dish Washer Concentrate, & I pulled these two glasses out. The left washed prior with Electrasol/Finish (that's all I ever used for years), the right with Shaklee. It was at that time it really occurred to me - what in the sam hills have we been drinking with our drinks & eating with our food?

Knowing the glass on the left had been washed at approximately 20 times (possibly less, because they are semi-new & I have a ton of them), I decided to go & purchase a brand new glass that had never been washed, & wash it the same number of times for a comparison. Is there really a difference in dishwasher detergents?

I purchased the glass the first of September. Because it's new, there's been no product or chemicals in this glass. I bought this solely to compare Shaklee's Dish Washer Concentrate to the commercial dishwasher product I had been using for years.

I took a photo of the glass, then directly placed it in the dishwasher. I never removed it, until I had washed the glass 20 consecutive times. Every time I washed a load & washed that particular glass, I recorded it on my dry erase board. (Good possibility I actually washed it over 20 times, as I think I forgot to record it a time or two.)

When I reached 20 washings, I pulled it out. This is the result - some water spots.

I'm not sure which glass I used that is in the first photo (I forgot to set it aside for the experiment), so I just used this old applesauce jar I drink out of for the comparison. And of course, you can compare it to the first photo, as well. The results, obviously, are self-explanatory. I don't know what the white residue is from the Electrasol/Finish, but it's not real simple to wipe off. I am so disgusted with myself that I ignored whatever chemical it is & allowed my family to continue to eat & drink from our dishes. Yuck.

Don't do what I did. You & your family are ingesting those remaining chemicals. Go here to buy your own Get Clean Dish Washer Concentrate. Better yet, go here & buy an entire Get Clean kit. Not only are they green & safe, they are less expensive than commercial cleaners & they last forever!

Any change is better than no change at all - please, get the toxic, harsh chemicals out of your home once & for all. I love to clean & I will only use products that work. Trust me - toxins just aren't necessary to have a clean, healthy home!

Saturday, October 13, 2012

How I clean & how we stay healthy during cold & flu season!

Two school years ago, illnesses ran rampant through the schools. So much so, the district considered closing schools for a week or two, to try to rid the bacteria/germs. That never happened & plenty of children missed unbelievable amounts of sick days. My kids were not exempt. Mine missed anywhere between 10-14 days or so. It was horrible! I believe it was at that time my oldest was getting Strep after Strep after Strep. We actually were referred to an ENT but suddenly, the Strep disappeared, & has yet to return! Bents hasn't had Strep in almost 1.5 years & I am so thankful, because Strep makes him just almost deathly ill. Last school year was much, much better. My kids missed between 1-5 days. That's a huge difference! Everyone felt so much better, which makes life so much happier. I also tweaked some cleaning efforts & I really think that helped, too. Hoping for another calm season this year!

At our home, when someone is sick, they get quarantined in their room. Not much fun, but necessary. We are a family of six, so we try diligently to not pass the germs. I do a lot of spraying & wiping. Spraying & wiping. Everywhere!

Back then, I used harsh chemicals. Blah. Was probably doing more harm than good. Anyway, my procedures haven't changed, but my products did. It's only all-natural Shaklee for us now. And really, I couldn't be more pleased. Now, during cold & flu season, I use one product alone. Basic G. An amazing, effective, all-natural disinfectant. I use it along with a washcloth rag.

Basic G works the same as other disinfectants. You spray & let it sit & let it dry. Boom. Done. Goodbye bacteria. Goodbye germs. Goodbye viruses.

Soak your cloth with Basic G, wipe/clean whatever hardware you desire, making sure it is amply wet & then let it dry! It's that simple! Its residual effectiveness lasts up to three (yes, three!) days after application. (Psst - if you don't want to use a cloth with the spray, Shaklee has Germ Off wipes, which serves the same purpose, just a tad more convenient. They are equally effective!) Also, very important - Basic G kills 32 pathogens, while Lysol only kills 8 pathogens! Just another reason I am on fire for Shaklee!

Moving right along...

Light switches.

Door knobs.

(I thought I'd use our beat up master bath door & knob. Ha!)

All faucets. All faucet handles. Same with the tub/shower. Toilets. Lid, seat, inside toilet (yes, I actually spray the inside of the toilet or, you can dump Basic G in the water, as well), handle, everything. Heck, if you don't have time to wipe with a cloth, then just spray! Saturating with the spray & letting it air dry will still kill germs! It just needs to remain on the surface for a minimum of 10 minutes. Some people first clean with Basic H & then spray with G. I just use G. It cleans & cleans well, so typically, I spray what I need to clean, let it sit 10 minutes & wipe it away with my cloth. Easy peasy lemon squeezy. I love, love, love it!

Something else I changed quite some time ago is changing out the bathroom towels every single day. I used to change them out every 2 or 3 days - whenever they were 'dirty'. Hello!? Doh! They're dirty every day! So now they get replaced daily & the bathrooms are just so much fresher!

No, these are not the only hand towels I have. I have tons, since I go through so many. They do not all match & that will be changing very soon! From here on out, I will only buy white towels. And hand towels. And wash cloths. I'm looking forward to having all of them match. Will make washing more simple, too. And yes, my whites are very white, thanks to Nature Bright. I honestly don't know how I ever lived without it.

Here is a photo of our 3rd bathroom sink. This sink (& toilet, but it's at the other side of the room) gets used approximately 5,000 times a day. Or, a lot. I always keep it clean & now that I use all-natural products, the kids clean it, too. All natural products have many advantages. ;o)

So. In addition to keeping the house spic'er & span'er, we take only the best vitamins on the market. It is worth the extra few dollars to know my family is getting the best & they're keeping us healthy. My kids take these every morning with their breakfast.

Don't be fooled - not all children's vitamins are the same! Many ingredients in over the counter children's vitamins are unhealthy (dyes, etc.) & unnecessary. If in doubt, Google. Lots of information on Google.

The other day I have commented that I had forgotten to take my vitamins & as a result of that, I had gotten sick. Of course, I took them immediately & the next day, I was completely fine. Been fine ever since. I love NutriFeron & I won't miss a day again, that's for sure! My husband has recently started taking them too.

So here's to a clean cold & flu season! Happy health!

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Fall & winter necessity!

Oh dear. I confess, for the last couple of days, I've been 'too busy' to take these:

And now, I'm sick! I don't get sick often, just maybe an occasional minor this or that here or there. Mostly due to lack of adequate sleep.

You better believe, I won't miss another day of taking these jewels! I do not like to be sick, I am too busy to be sick & I am not going to risk contracting the flu, now that it's cold & flu season. Blah!

Here is some information on this amazing immune system booster:

NutriFeron™ – Highest Level of Daily Protection

NutriFeron is an exclusive, patented supplement that increases the production of
your body’s natural interferon, a key influencer in your immune system. NutriFeron
helps build a shield for your immune system, placing it on ready alert so it can better
respond to threats.

A proprietary blend of natural plant extracts from pumpkin seeds, safflower flowers,
plantago seeds, and Japanese honeysuckle flower buds, NutriFeron has been clinically
proven to support and stimulate the natural immune response.*

Look at all those natural ingredients! That's what I'm talking about!

Don't risk it! Get yours here!

*NutriFeron is eligible for AutoShip (automatically delivered monthly, without you needing to remember to reorder!), which gives you an additional 10% off member price!

Tomorrow, I hope tomorrow, I'm going to share tips on how I keep my family healthy during cold & flu season. It's been five years since our entire family had the flu & a repeat is not welcome! And now with Shaklee's incredible supplements, our chances are even slimmer & I love that! Check back tomorrow evening for little things I do for my family to be proactive!

*My husband is currently having to work very long hours at work; therefore, my post will come on Thursday or Friday!

Friday, October 5, 2012

I decorated for Halloween! With a tad of fall thrown in!

It's almost time for Halloween. While I love fall, it's no secret how much I dislike Halloween. Most of you already know that about me - I think it's one goofy, silly 'holiday'. However, my children love it & that's what's important, so I do what I can to make sure they're happy & having fun.

I've recently discovered that when I decorate, especially seasonally, I prefer groupings. I don't really care for a candle here, a pumpkin there - I like to keep my decorations together & uniformed.

I also prefer 'pretty' over 'cute'. But again, my kids love cute, so some cute it is!

I had my camera settings incorrect in this one below & the backlighting is too bright. I think it turned out pretty, so I kept it!

And alas, I'm home! Get it? The witch is in? Me? Home? Heehee.

So there you have it. Other than a few cute candles I put on the back of the toilet in the bathroom, that completes my fall decorating. Whew.

Next up? Christmas!

Monday, October 1, 2012


Tonight. She wanted to sleep in our bed. Which she does sometimes, & my husband carries her to her bed when we go to bed. Tonight, she had her pillow vertical. My husband told her to turn it horizontal. To which she replied "no, I'm going to sleep with it this way. And I'm going to sleep right here in the middle. I promise, I will not move." (Meaning, she won't move around, keeping us awake.) She even moved our pillows off the bed, to put hers perfectly in the middle.

She still sucks her middle fingers.

Be still my heart.