Monday, August 23, 2010

Back to school!

Bentley. Dude. You look a little tense. Loosen up. It's only the 4th grade. :)

Jaguar. Is your backpack heavy with that one, empty folder that's inside? You look as if you are fixing to fall over backwards with your little belly sticking out. Don't lose your balance, girl! :)

Audi. My picture-perfect child. Every. Stinkin'. Time. You are too cute, but alas, I can no longer verbalize that. 'Cause you're turning into a demon. And you are entirely too young to possess such a quality in the 1st grade. :)

And off...he goes. ♥

And off...he goes. ♥

Jaguar, my darling girl. Got pink? Lookin' a bit like cotton candy, today. You chose to wear this - an outfit that represents a bubblegum soccer player - on your very first day ever of Kindergarten. Indeed I did try to encourage another really cute outfit. You promptly put me in my place - I can wear what I want on whatever days I want. Yes, you may. How dare I suggest otherwise. My bad. As long as you are clean, your clothes are clean & your attire is not inappropriate, you certainly may wear whatever you chose. I will support you 100%. My little Punky Brewster. :)

A little apprehensive, perhaps?

And off...she goes. ♥
Back to school! Fair well, my loves. ♥

*May I note, here, that these are the some of the worst photos I have ever taken. Blah! Reason 1 - I shot on automatic. Next time, I will take the time to shoot on manual & adjust my settings! 2 - I had my hat on. Oh Melissa. You can not shoot with a hat on! Stop it. :)


Launa said...

Oh my goodness, your kids are so darn cute. What sweethearts! I hope they all had really great first days of school!!

Melissa Miller said...

Caaa-uuuute! I love the cheer at the end! *Smiles*