Tuesday, August 17, 2010


Me: Jaguar, do you think you have enough new clothes now to get you started at school?

Jaguar: Oh, no. I have to go many days.

Guess she thinks she's getting a new outfit for 180 days of school! Baha! Poor thing. Ü

Tonight at dinner at IHop -

Mercedes shouts: Mommy be quiet - I talkin'!

#1.) I wasn't speaking.
#2.) All of our neighboring tables heard.
#3.) Lots of snickering.

The girl scares me. She is unlike any of our other three at her age. She may be going to daycare. Soon. :)

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Launa said...

Haha! Snicker, snicker! She's so funny! Ya know it's true that kids say the funniest thing!