Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Like father like son.

In Destin, lying in bed together watching a show about - of all things - sharks. Baha! What an ironic choice of shows considering we were swimming in the ocean. Ü

See how dark hubby is compared to Bentley? Hubby is full CC, but has a dark complexion. Bentley's birthfather has red hair, thus Bentley is quite fair complected. :)

I love this photo of them together. It's the simple things, & unpronounced moments, that make life so grand. ♥


Melissa Miller said...

Wonderful photo of father and son Melissa!

Destin is right next to my Florida hometown. Isn't it gorgeous?

Thank you for the sweet birthday wishes. I really appreciate it.
~Melissa :)

Launa said...

What a beautiful picture! They are so cute together!
BTW I have no idea what CC stands for but I suppose it doesn't really matter, huh? hehe!

Bobbi Janay said...

So sweet.