Friday, August 27, 2010

Paint crystals & Goodwill.

When Jaguar & I went to Lowe's a few weeks ago to get paint samples, I happened upon these little jewels. Paint crystals! You add them to your paint before painting & voila! Your beautimous new paint has a beautimous shimmer! I love me some shimmer & so does my girl. Trying to decide if I want to use one pack or two. You know, for extra shimmery shimmer. ("Shimmery shimmer"? I dunno. Sounds good so I'll go with it. Teehee. :)

This morning I took Mercedes to the park & after that, we headed to Goodwill. Similar to my previous post, I know many people who regularly shop at Goodwill (or any thrift store). I've only been in ours one time & I was discouraged because it wasn't, you know, spotless. I know I know, it's a thrift store. So today I cowgirled up & gave it another shot. I was there over an hour. LOL ;o)

I wanted to browse their furniture because so many find good pieces & restore them. They had some decent pieces, but nothing struck my fancy. I did discover that Goodwill is the place to find movies & books! Oh heavens! That was impressive. I didn't find much in their 'home decor' section, but I did find this beauty:

Score! This puppy is like new & it was $2.00. Two dollars! Adorable & just perfect for Jag's room makeover. ♥

Hubby is currently on his flight home to Texas - busy weekend ahead for us. Time to get at it! Happy weekend! Ü


Rebecca M. said...

OMGOMGOMGOMG!! We are just getting ready to paint Natalie's room teal and lime green. I showed her the Sparklies and she started jumping up and down yelling "I want sparkles in my room too mamma!" So off we go to Lowes tomorrow to see if we can find them for her. If we can't - I may be calling you to have you send some LOL!!!

Launa said...

Oh I can't wait to see what the room like when it's done!! Hurry up and get painting!! hehe!

Bridget said...

Love the paint crystals idea and love your thrift store find! Hope you and the littles get to feeling better soon.