Wednesday, September 1, 2010

I've been busy.

I could have told you it was going to happen. It happens every year, just like clockwork. Exactly one week after school starts.

Not only did the kids bring home completed work, books & forms, they brought home a nasty cold bug. Boo! Last Friday evening we went to dinner & I could feel it brewing. By Saturday, I was down & out. Which is so aggravating to me - a wasted weekend. I hate that. Sunday rolls around - Jaguar has it. She stayed home from school Monday & Tuesday. Monday rolls around, Mercedes has it. Tuesday I picked the boys up from school & now Bentley has it. Big time. He had no business staying/being at school. But that's just how he rolls. Audi continues to sound a little stuffy, but he feels fine. Hubby has no symptoms. Yet.

So alas, it has been one miserable weekend & week. I'm still not feeling up to par, so many areas are being neglected right now. The upside is that I've discovered lots of new decorating blogs, so that's made me all happy happy while coughing & sneezing. Ü

Hopefully I'll return soon - with painted room photos!


Launa said...

This is so funny... I was totally going to do a post on the summer cold that is kicking our family's butt one sneezy person at a time... but you summed it up so much better! Hope you all are feeling better soon... summer colds' suck!

Bridget said...

Hope you all feel better soon!!