Tuesday, September 14, 2010

OxiClean Max Force.

It's not much of a secret that I'm a bleach fanatic (the main reason is because bleach disinfects & me likey that fact). There's no doubt - you should see some of our color (or lack thereof) articles. I use bleach so much, color items that were once, well, colored, are now some pretty funky & unappealing hues. And that's starting to play on my nerves. Not only that, when I bleach a load of clothes, I immediately add 2 full cups of plain water to the dispenser in hopes of ridding left over bleach residue. It ain't working = ruining loads of clothes that I do not bleach. That's really aggravating. In hopes of discovering a solution I found these...

I'm not an OxiClean fan. Tried one of their products years ago & trashed it. These little puppies claim to rid stains & whiten whites. So I'm hoping these can replace my pesky little bleach fetish.

I'm searching for a review - have any of you used these? Last time I wanted to try a new product - Bounce Dryer Bars - it got conflicting reviews, so I never bought any (thanks to all of you who gave your opinion!). I'll try an OxiClean Power Pak this afternoon, hopefully they're acceptable & my little family can say goodbye to some very unattractive clothing. And towels/wash clothes. And kitchen towels. And hand towels. And sheets. Etc. Etc. :)


caffeinatedblessings said...

Have you run a few loads with vinegar to clean out your washer? I do that just to keep everything "clean" behind the scenes.

Oh, and on the dryer bars. I LOVE them and having been using them for months. What have you heard negative about them?

Kriss said...

I don't know what kind of washer you have (I have a top loading) but I quit using the bleach dispenser. I just pour the bleach straight into the water and then do a second rinse. It solved my bleach problem. I also only use bleach once in a while and instead use Mrs. Stewart's blueing on our whites and I wash in HOT HOT water.