Thursday, September 23, 2010

Most photos ever in one post. Camping!

Spite hubby's truck breaking down the morning we were to leave, spite arriving at 8:30 p.m. to find the state park we planned to camp at closed (due to flooding), spite running my battery down resulting in my car not starting the following morning & spite the miserable heat -

It was fantastic! Ü

Here was our view. Beautimous!

Going to check out the lake.

Saturday afternoon, this little cove became our saving grace. We were so hot, we actually came down here & got in to cool off. Even Bray walked in the water & laid down. If it weren't for this cove, more than likely we would have packed up & headed home due to the extreme heat.

Saving grace #2.

Yay! Got it running. Thanks AAA.


This little tyke spent a lot of her time in the car with the a/c on, watching a movie. Smart girl. Sometimes I'm in the photos. See?


Old enough now to fake smile. Sigh.

Bored? Hot? Both?

Sweat! I was so concerned about my kids in the heat.

I found a clip & pulled her hair up! That helped. A smidgen.

Jaguar faired well. She's tough.

Audi skeptical about roasting.

Gettin' dirty! :)


Typically I don't take this many photographs of wildlife. But there were so many, I was mesmerized. ♥ nature. There's just nothing like it.

Great shot! ♥

We are so excited to camp again! But never again in the heat. Didn't I say the very same thing about having a garage sale? Ü

There's just something about being in the out of doors. Living in nature. Smelling, listening, breathing, seeing, appreciating. Ultimate stress reliever (unless your car won't start & you're stranded at a camp ground. Teehee. ;o). And other campers? Friendliest people around. As we were pulling out Sunday morning, our neighbor campers came running up. Why? His truck wouldn't start & he needed a jump. LOL

I encourage you. Go camping. Try it. Don't let life go by without experiencing the great outdoors. Don't worry - most camp grounds have indoor potties & showers. Live! Ü


Launa said...

Wow, it looks like you guys had an awesome time! Yeah for camping!

Bridget said...

Love the pictures! Looks like you all had a great time, despite the mishaps at first...those just make the memories more special!! ;)