Friday, January 25, 2013

Butter or margarine?

I watched a video last week claiming that margarine is one of the top 5 foods we shouldn't consume. So, in my quest to have my family eat healthier, I began to wonder, butter or magazine? I asked that on my FB page one day, after finding conflicting information that left me quite confused. Someone sent me this article that is featured on Who knew Snopes included foods?

We have always eaten margarine. Why? I don't know. Truth be told, I guess just habit. I've bought it for so many years, I don't even think about it. I used Country Crock (check out the ingredients - holy cow!!) for years & then switched around a bit. Most recently, Brummel & Brown. Never read the label, never had a reason to, never even considered it.

(This image is after I left it sitting on the counter for 4 or so days - I left it out intentionally to see what it did. Not much - looks the same, maybe a tad brighter, & has a very slight margarine scent. Tonight I trashed it.)

After making the decision to switch to real butter, I did just a little more research. I googled, only to discover we shouldn't eat real butter because of the saturated fat content. That we should eat margarine, because it contains vegetable oil which is better for cholesterol levels, but then I read we need to stay away from vegetable oil. Huh?

More research & suggestions from friends...

The winner? Butter!

1.) Ingredients: cream & salt. Two ingredients!

2.) Healthy!

3.) It is an acceptable 'good' fat to eat!

4.) Can help lower cholesterol!

5.) The taste. Flavor. YUM!

Do some googling. You'll find lots of yummy information regarding real butter! And it's so good, we went through our first tub in 5 days! Ha!

Just another product I wish I would have changed years ago! Make the switch!

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