Saturday, March 1, 2014

Shaklee's Increase Your Share promotion! February's promotion extended through March!

Oh my goodness! Because Shaklee's Increase Your Share promotion was such a HUGE (I am not kidding you!! Shaklee exploded last month! People LOVE the products, teams are busting at the seams, distributors are signing on left & right, & people are making a lot of money!!) success, we received a video last night that informed us Shaklee is extending the special until the end of March! March 31, 2014 to be exact! Woohoo! Information is below - nothing changed except the date it ends! Take advantage now! :)

*Join Project Dream International by February 28, 2014 & receive a FREE gift from me!! This gift will help your business explode! My phone number is below - call me if you are ready to be a professional, ethical, business owner with a home-based business!

This is one amazing offer! :)

Place an order with a minimum of 50 PVs (pv = point value) & you will receive:

1.) FREE membership for a lifetime! - $20 savings! (no monthly order required - order what & when YOU want!)

2.) A FREE canister of yummy Smoothee Cafe Latte - $40 savings! (while supplies last - hurry!)

3.) Since you will be joining as a new member, you have the opportunity to complete Shaklee University within 30 days of joining for another FREE product! (about 6 products to choose from!) Total of free products & incentives is about $80.00!

4.) As a member, you will have access to our private 'members only' Facebook page! We have over 800 (eight hundred) members! That is our team only! Support, advice, before & after photos, etc. Great information. Fun stuff!

*Because so many people signed up, we now have almost 1,000 members on our private Facebook page!

In addition:

If you have wanted to become a Distributor & partner with Shaklee - with this promotion - NOW IS THE TIME!

1.) Double sponsoring points.
2.) Double power bonus.
3.) Up to a $25 bonus for each new member you get (25% of order pv).
4.) Additional bonus for each Distributor you bring on your new team.
5.) You also get the free canister of Cafe Latte!
6.) Purchase the Gold Plus Pak (required to join Project Dream) & it's worth 500 pvs. You already get a paycheck!

Become a Distributor, find Distributors for your OWN team + customers = you have the opportunity to make a lot of money in the month of February!

This current Shaklee offer is the most generous promotion Shaklee has EVER offered - don't miss out!

Promotion ends 2.28.14

*Each Shaklee product is worth a certain number of PVs. You can now see each individual pv a product is worth when you click on the product to read more about it. The pv is listed next to the price(s). Choose enough products to equal a minimum of 50 PVs & you get the free products mentioned above! Easy peasy!

*January was our team's (150 Distributors) biggest month EVER! EVER! Come on & join us NOW! Training is provided, webinars/calls/support provided & when you join Project Dream International, even more extensive step-by-step training is included! It doesn't get any easier than this! Anyone, anywhere can do this & you won't be doing it alone! In addition, if you join PDI & MY team, I am offering you a FREE gift, from me to you, that will help you EXPLODE your own personal business! I will have it shipped directly to your home!

So much FREE stuff! I LOVE free!


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I would love to help you & answer any questions you have. :)

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