Tuesday, March 25, 2014

When good isn't good enough.

I've been attempting to lose weight for quite a while now. And a lot of times, I did really good! I still do pretty good. Guess what? Good isn't good enough.

I'm almost 47 years sophisticated. Good isn't good enough, so it's time to play hard ball.

I love to dance. I've tried other dance videos in the past, but decided to buy Tracy Anderson's "Dance + Cardio" a few weeks ago:

The first thing I noticed is - there's no dancing. Not the kind of dancing, per say, I want to do. This video is more of what I call…cardio with moves. Not only that, but there's really no routine. It appears that she's just doing whatever pops into her head & then repeats certain moves when she draws a blank. Which is fine, I guess, but again, not really what I'm looking for. However, though 'messy', it is a good cardio workout.

After I did the first 30 minute 'routine', I kicked Tracy to the curb & put in Richard Simmons' "Groovin' in the House":

Ha! I picked this up several years ago, at Goodwill I believe, but never tried it. Today, I did. Oh boy! I think this was made in the 1970's or so! So funny! And I actually enjoyed it! And it is dancing, which is what I want.

The main difference I found between the two workouts? When I did Tracy's, I didn't smile. When I did Richard's? I smiled the entire time. It's just too funny not to. And I don't know about you, but I gotta have fun. Moving is moving. Getting one's heart rate up is the ultimate goal. If I need to vamp up Richard's? I'll intensify it to suit my needs. More dramatic dance moves. I can add weights. Easy peasy. I don't currently have the budget to keep trying new work out videos, so for now, I'll make these work!

Why do I need to lose weight? Several reasons.

1.) To be healthy. I'm not at an age where I can screw around & be irresponsible with my health any longer.
2.) A good example for my kids. My kids are being raised on Shaklee. Why not go further with diet & exercise?
3.) To feel good. Being overweight makes one tired. I want to have the energy to live out loud, every single day!
3.) Cute clothes! I want to wear cute clothes. I visualize myself buying what I want, in a smaller size. Whatever works. :)
4.) I want to look good. Bottom line. I used to be very small. Maybe not all that healthy, but small. Fact: everyone, everywhere looks better when not overweight. Truth hurts.

And after I work out? Damn I feel good. It's so worth it just to feel amazing!

(In addition, I'm not taking measurements. I just don't need or want one more thing to do or keep up with. Honestly, I don't even care. If I lose weight, I'll lose inches. My goal is to lose weight & I don't want to veer off or lose focus of that. I also don't care how long it takes. If it takes until the day I die, bring it!)

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Sherilan Young said...

I think you are doing it right...what works for you and not worrying about measurements!! I think you would like Zumba, I love it. You can find several classes on Youtube.